Looking ahead: Northeastern Recruiting class for 2014

Northeastern has gone on a tear in recruiting in the last few weeks, signing 4 players from the end of October to this weekend. Three are forwards, and one a defenseman, and 3 of which are supposed to arrive next year. With an influx of new talent, let’s take a look at who we might expect to see next year.

2014 Recruits:

Garrett Cockerill (Defense, USHL)

Jason Cotton (Forward, BCHL)

Josh Couturier (Defense, USHL)

Philipe Gadoury (Forward, CCHL)

Nick Hutchison (Forward, USHL)

Ryan Rosenthal (Forward, BCHL)

James Winkler (Forward, USPHL)

Nolan Stevens (Forward, US-National Team)

Trevor Owen (Defense, USPHL)

These are the combined lists for incoming players from Chris Heisenberg’s recruiting page and the College Hockey News’ page. There’s a lot of overlap, but some definite differences. CHN has Winkler arriving next year (Heisenberg says 2015), and Hutchison arrivinf this year (Heisenberg says either 2014 or 2015). Finally, Heisenberg reports Stevens as arriving next year (CHN says 2015), and Owens incoming (CHN doesn’t list him).

Typically, I use Heisenberg as my go-to source for recruiting information, as he usually has the most up to date information available.

Regardless, this combined list has 6 forwards and 3 defensemen coming in, which seems very high given how many freshmen we had this year as well. Next year, Northeastern won’t lose any defensmen, unless players sign to the pros early. In terms of forwards, the Huskies will lose Pimm, Snyderman, Ferriero, and Stone, and might lose a player like Roy or Szmatula to an early signing.

To be pessimistic, let’s say Northeastern loses 4 key forwards plus Stone (who’s only played 2 games so far). So Northeastern needs 4-5 new forwards, and maybe a defenseman.

Looking at the defense recruits, Madigan may simply trim the hedges (pun unintentonal) around the existing defensive corp. You can figure Gunn, Manson, Lauwers, Bennett and Saucerman are going to be the main blueliners unless anyone leaves or is injured. So you only need to fill one potential spot. I think Garrett Cockerill will be incoming next year, with Owens potentially coming in as a depth D-man. Cockerill has a 3-9-12 line in 20 games so far in the USHL, and is the top defenseman on his team. I think Madigan brings him in to bring some more firepower to the blueline. I think Couturier gets pushed back a year. It’s his first season in the USHL, and while he’s done well, there’s just no room for him this year. Another year of USHL experience will be good for 2015 when we lose Lauwers and Manson.

In terms of Forwards, there’s not a ton of trimming that needs to be done. I think Nick Hutchison gets deferred for a year. Hutchison is young and hasn’t made it onto the regular lineup for the USHL. Gadoury is in the Hedges model, dominating the Canadian league he’s in, and will likely bring some good offensive capabilities into the game. Cotton started really slowly, but along with Ryan Rosenthal, they’ve both lit up the BCHL and are at the top of their teams in scoring. Winkler wasn’t supposed to come in for 2014 I don’t think, and I’d like to see him in the stronger USHL or BCHL before he comes to Hockey East. Stevens comes to join his brother, and has good size, coming in at 6-3.

So, to close, I think you’ll see Garrett Cockerill and probably Trevor Owens coming to Northeastern for the next season, and for forwards, look forward to seeing Ryan Rosenthal, Jason Cotton, Philipe Gadoury, and Nolan Stevens.


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