Weekend Preview: Northeastern University vs. Merrimack College

This weekend, Northeastern faces off against Merrimack College for a home and home series in Hockey East play. This game features the exciting (at least to me) return of Mike Gunn to the lineup.

Gunn will be a nice return, given how frankly Swiss cheese-esque the defense has been at times. Their inability to shut down the neutral zones in the past few games has been one of the reasons why Northeastern has lost 4 of it’s last 5 games (that and a lack of offense).

Merrimack is going to be a test as to whether Northeastern can save any face this season and do better than their 10th spot last year, a feat that will be slightly harder given the addition of the 11th slot. Merrimack has the worst team offense in the league (NU is 3rd best), and hasn’t won a league game yet.

Northeastern really needs to get back in the win column this weekend with a convincing show of force to prove they are a threat.

About kingcullen

I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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