The Huskies thus far

After 4 regular season games, Northeastern is 4-0, in addition to to their exhibition win over Dalhousie. During this timeframe, Northeastern has an average of 5 goals per game, 1.5 goals against, and a power play with a 32% conversion rate.

Obviously, the biggest caveat to these numbers is to note that Northeastern played weaker teams in generally weaker leagues. Holy Cross and Alabama-Huntsville are a tenth of the pressure the Huskies will feel when they play Notre Dame and BC this season. While Northeastern’s schedule sees them eased into gradually tougher opponents every week, they haven’t been truly tried yet by the faster and tougher opponents of Hockey East.

Having said that, 4-0 is a great start and the numbers the Huskies put up in this stretch are admirable. The coaching staff clearly put a lot of work into the power play and it looks like it’s paid off.

Going forward, the Huskies really need to rein in their penalties, and keep chugging along. Success breeds more success, and an early road trip often gives the team the chance to bond and play more cohesively. St. Lawrence is another step up from Holy Cross, and swept NU last year, so if the Huskies can pull out a win or two that could really the ball rolling.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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