Game Recap: Dalhousie University

First things first, it’s important to remember a few things. This is an exhibition game, and obviously has no impact on the season. Secondly, it’s important to note that Dalhousie only had 16 skaters, 2 of whom left the game at different points. Northeastern played with 5 forward lines and 4 defensive lines, and were thus able to really outskate the Tigers

Having said that, I was generally quite pleased with the game. There really were only one or two chances were Dalhousie really could have scored, nearly all their shots were on th outside and were poor chances. The Huskies did a great job of cycling and moving the puck around, not to mention shooting (as opposed to holding onto shots forever).

The big thing last night was to see who played themselves onto a spot for next weekend against Alabama-Huntsville. I think John Stevens easily earned himself a spot, with his 3 points and excellent stickhandling skills. Mike Szmatula and Dalen Hedges were also very good and will likely be starting off the season in the lineup. Nathan Ferriero received a game DQ, but I’m guessing he’ll be in the second game next weekend. Benning was supposed to be a top defensemen and proved himself worthy of a top spot.

So overall, a good start. It’s definitely nice to start with a win to get fans excited and the team thinking positively. Alabama-Huntsville is going to be harder than Dalhousie, but Northeastern should be able to handle them.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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