Game day preview: Dalhousie University

Hockey is only an hour away! Enjoy the hour of unbridled joy right now before you descend to screaming and throwing things at every missed shot, poor call, and weak goal.

This is an exhibition game, which means it has no impact on anything. The most important thing is for the Huskies to remain uninjured. Judging by the line sheets, we’ll see just about the entire team playing tonight. If I had to guess, Madigan will play all 3 goalies in different periods, and keep rotating lines.

Canadian teams are always hard to compare stats to, because their setup is completely different. Most Canadian players were former CHL players who didn’t go onto the AHL/NHL, and thus are often older than NCAA players. In addition, for whatever reason, exhibition games have a tendency to get very nasty, with tons of penalty minutes racked up on both sides.

It’s hard to take a lot away from exhibition games. As long as we see some flashes of brilliance and no one is hurt, I’ll be happy regardless of the score.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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