2014 Recruits and Beyond

Given that I have been quiet for extremely long here, it’s time for an update. With the USHL draft just wrapping up, that gives me a good excuse to take a good look at where NU’s future recruits will be playing next year.

What’s interesting to see is that almost everyone will be playing in the USHL, minus two players who are likely too young to wind up on team’s rosters. This is a major turnaround from the last two years, where we had recruits all over the place in Canada and the United States. With recruiting being so far in advance, by the time players reach the USHL many of them have already committed, and most are committed by the end of their first year. When Madigan came in, it was hard for him to pick up players for 2011-2012, and the cupboard for 2012-2013 had already been looked over by many teams. 2013-2014 will be better, but 2014 and on is when Madigan was really going after an open talent pool with much of the NCAA.

Of the 8 players slated to come in from 2014 onwards, 7 of them were drafted by the USHL (the lone holdout was David Melaragni, who was born in 1998 and unlikely to make it onto a USHL roster this year). 5 of them are almost definitely going to be on USHL teams (the only one unlikely is Lincoln Griffin, born in 1997 and like Melaragni unlikely to make a USHL roster). Here’s who’s playing where:

Chad Duchesne- Sioux Falls

Ross Olsson- Cedar Rapids

Garrett Cockerill- Des Moines

Zachary Aston-Reese- Lincoln

Josh Couturier- Des Moines

Jason Cotton- Tri-City


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