Weekend Preview: Providence College Friars

While Northeastern faces off against Providence this weekend, UMaine and UMass square off against one another and Vermont faces off against the University of New Hampshire. At this point, here’s what Northeastern should root for:

1. Vermont to get swept

2. Either UMass or Maine to sweep the other.

3. The Huskies to sweep.

Unfortunately as a 10th place team, we cannot be merely satisfied at one team losing, we need two. Vermont has the unfortunate task of facing UNH, BC, and BU twice each for the rest of the season, and either UMass or UMaine is going to come out on top this weekend, so a split makes things more complicated. Having all three things occur puts the Huskies in a significantly better position for the last 2 weekends of the regular season and might elevate them to a playoff status. A muddled result will make it that much harder to make it to the post-season.

Now onto the actual weekend series. From a glance at the stats Providence is not too much to look at. Their top scorer has 20 points, while Northeastern has 3 guys above that threshold. However, Providence scores more on average in games than the Huskies do, because their offense is more spread out. Providence is without their top scoring defenseman, Miles Harvey. The real reason for the Friars’ success is NU-decommit Jon Gillies, who has phenomenal numbers in his freshman year.

The Huskies showed great spirit in coming back to beat UMass despite trailing for much of the game on Tuesday. The trick is to use that as momentum for this weekend. Providence is a very beatable team, and the Huskies need to beat them if they want the honor of losing in the quarterfinals. Play hard and score often so Northeastern can extend their season one extra weekend into March!


About kingcullen

I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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