The Beanpot final. As rare as unicorns and Santa Claus to Northeastern fans (yet still more frequent than Beanpot victories). Despite the relative rarity of either event, the Huskies have been on a bit of an upswing recently, making the Beanpot final in 2009, 2011, and 2013 (get excited for 2015, since apparently we make it every 2 years). Making it even more relatively impressive is that those appearance have happened against all three of their Beanpot opponents.
Here’s another fun statistic: The Huskies have a 1-2 record against Boston College in the Beanpot final. Disregarding the acual record, it’s amazing that in 61 years there have been 3 games in which Northeastern and Boston College squared off in the final. Given that Northeastern-Harvard have never faced off in the final, it just goes to show even more how much of a disparity it is in the tournament.
I’d also like to take this moment to people who start quoting the statistics here about how mathematically improbable it is that the Huskies have only won four times, and how crazy it is hat 50% of the teams have won 77% of the Beanpots. It’s not crazy because that’s not how this works. For almost the entire time the Beanpot has been around, every team but Northeastern has been a powerhouse. Harvard ruled supreme when Ivy league schools were the best college sports teams, and since that, Boston College and Boston University have proven their commitment and power at college hockey by winning almost every other Beanpot. Northeastern on the other hand had those 4 or 5 years back in the 1980’s when we were actually good.
Bottom line: stop wasting everyone’s time by using that utterly useless term. Don’t even bother to use it if you add the “if all teams were equal” part, because they’re not. Find some better statistic to use people.
But back to the game at hand. Tonight’s Beanpot is a David and Goliath story, if Goliath brought 20 friends with him (and wore a helmet like a smart person) to beat up on David. BC’s looking for their 4th Beanpot in 4 years, while Northeastern has 4 Beanpots in 61 years. If BC wins tonight their seniors will have as many Beanpots as every Northeastern hockey player ever. We’re also the only Beanpot team without a National title, and our win percentage in the tournament overall is just over 25%.
In other words, Northeastern is the red-headed stepchild’s red-headed stepchild of this tournament.
It’s a never-ending cycle of sadness. We go into the semifinal emotionally prepared to lose, and when we win everyone gets excited, because, hey, this could be the year! But every year it’s not our time, and us fans get even more depressed, which is then coupled with a disappointing end to the season. Everytime we make the final there’s one or two reporters who will jump on the NU bandwagon so they look astute when we win.
Well, it’s time to crush emotions and tamp down on expectations. Don’t expect anything and be pleasantly surprised when we manage to score a goal tonight. Don’t be shocked that Johnny “Benedict Arnold” Gaudreau will score a hat trick against the Huskies. Don’t be disappointed when the Huskies ends up like a turtle on its back in the 3rd period and the Eagles outshoot them 20-1. Try not to cry to hard when NU ends up scoring with 10 seconds left to tie the game only to lose in OT to some unknown 4th liner.
Just remember: we haven’t been a good team all year, so don’t expect a “Miracle” performance out there tonight. If they win it’ll be a joyous moment that could forever change the face of this team. But they probably won’t.

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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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