Beanpot Semifinal Recap

It took long enough: The Northeastern Huskies finally upended Boston University in the Beanpot after 25 years (their last win over the Terriers being in 1988, also the last year they won the Beanpot). Now the Huskies will face off against the Boston College Eagles on Monday night at 7:30. Excitement already seems to be quite high, tickets are by and large sold out (a handful might exist on secondary sites for jacked up prices). Beating BU in the opener is a huge morale boost for Husky fans, who (including myself) just expect Northeastern to not advance in years they play BC or BU in the opener. I’m glad to see that wasn’t the case this year.

Northeastern won because they played a complete game, and didn’t make a lot of mistakes. Both BU goals came because the Terriers are a overall faster team than the Huskies, and Northeastern’s defense is relatively thin (I don’t even remember seeing NU’s 3rd defensive pairing, Madigan opting for 4 defensemen most of the game).

Northeastern scored because they played they game they needed to: they drove to the crease and buzzed around the net to get the necessary rebounds, and their PK was excellent. Kevin Roy and Chris Rawlings were obviously the standout guys who are responsible for the Huskies’ win, but players like Vinny Saponari and Cody Ferriero played key roles in setting up offensive plays and running a tight defense.

On Monday, the Huskies will face off against Boston College, after already playing them 3 times this year in a range of outcomes. There’s going to be a lot of emotion and adrenaline running in this game, and it will no doubt be thrilling to watch.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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