Ah the Beanpot. The groin-kick of a hockey tournament that Northeastern fans must endure every year. The first two Monday’s of every February fans of the Huskies gather at the TD Garden or their television sets and usually commence to cursing and/or crying by the end of the 2nd period. Either that or we’ll stay excited and energized right up until the moment that the opposing team scores an overtime goal to curb-stomp our dreams for yet another year.
The Beanpot is like Christmas, except if every year Santa Claus handed presents to every other child but you.
Every year there’s some fresh hell that fans seem to experience. In the 2009 Beanpot, Northeastern was the #3 team in the nation, riding high after crushing BC 6-1 in the semifinal game. After a pretty close first two periods, the Huskies manage to give up 2 shorthanded goals on the same powerplay and lost 5-2.
The next year the Huskies were doing pretty badly when they showed up to the semifinal game against Boston University, but hey, they had already beaten them earlier in the season, it must go well this time! Alas, it was not to be, and NU lost 2-1.
In 2011 we looked pretty good, rolling over Harvard 4-0 in the semifinal. The final game was actually pretty epic, a back-and-forth rollercoaster that saw leads gained and lost. Once again, however, Boston College destroyed Northeastern’s chance with an overtime goal to seal the deal.
Last year Northeastern had gone from a long win streak to a series of losses, and was embarased by BC, losing 7-1. Adding insut to injury of course was former NU-recruit John Gaudreau, who scored a hatrrick against the Huskies and ended up being the league MVP.
Now we’ve all heard the stories for this year. Every year sports columnists make the case for why each team could win the Beanpot (no doub snickering as they write up Northeastern’s case in some ironic fashion). This year Northeastern has already beaten BU, BC, and Harvard. This is the same date in 1980 that NU beat BU in the semifinal to win their first Beanpot. The last time Northeastern defeated Boston University was in 1988 when the Huskies won their last Beanpot.
But having watched Northeastern play all season, and knowing our lack of anything resembling luck in the Beanpot I can say that it’s highly unlikely this is our year. The Huskies will find some hilarious way to lose yet again and fail to get the Beanpot for the 25th year in a row. Maybe we’ll miraculously beat BU in the semifinal only to be mercilessly destroyed by BC. Maybe for the first time in Beanpot history it’ll be a Harvard-Northeastern final matchup that Harvard will no doubt win. Maybe it’ll be a BU-BC final, much to the shock of everybody who couldn’t possibly have seen that outcome. Every year seems to be the same though: there’s a decent amount of hype, fans get optimistic again, and then the Huskies lose, rinse and repeat every year.
Regardless, I’m feeling quite pessimistic this year so let’s see what happen and not get our hopes up


About kingcullen

I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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