Weekend Review

Well that wasn’t the worst weekend I suppose, which is probably a the best thing you can say about the Huskies at this point. At a game that the Huskies really needed to win they managed a tie- worse than what they really needed but not a killer game that would have really screwed them for the rest of the season. The Huskies were really helped out by the other teams in Hockey East, which kept Vermont and UMass just above us, and prevented Maine from gaining points on us.

In terms of the actual game, I thought the Huskies actually played pretty well overall. Chris Rawlings played excellently, Rawlings stopped 42 of 43 shots to keep the Huskies in it, and the defense did a pretty decent job, especially from Dax Lauwers who had a very solid game. Of course, the defense did play against the 2nd worst offense in the nation, but still, they prevented Maine from getting more than a single goal (they were also helped by the referees). The special teams, however, played pretty well, and the Huskies set up multiple solid offensive chances and didn’t score because of either the Maine goalie playing excellently (as in the case of Roy’s breakaway), or terrible aim (i.e. Manson’s open net whiff).

The major takeaway from this game though, is that the Huskies really really need Ludwig Karlsson back. Northeastern’s offense can’t keep being just Roy and Ferriero and no one else. The Saponari line has stopped producing and the 3rd/4th line really haven’t done anything since Manno and Darcy departed. The Huskies play BU and BC next weekend, and you can bet that they have a much better offense that will be able to shut down our single line of offensive production. If we can’t even muster a second line of scoring threats then Northeastern won’t be able to do much.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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