Recruiting Update

A lot has happened since I updated this last. Madigan and the coaching staff went on a tear of commitments, snatching up 4 new commitments within the last month. 2 came from the EJHL, one from the CCHL, and one from the USHL, all of whom are intended to start next year.

Off the bat, it’s clear that Zach Aston-Reese, Ross Olsson, and Garrett Cockerill, all playing in the USHL and originally intending to start for NU next year will be pushed back a year. All 3 just aren’t ready for D-1 hockey, and the staff clearly wants to bring in a few older more experienced guys that are more ready for the jump.

Northeastern brings in one defenseman, Jake Schecter from the EJHL. Schecter has 9 assists in 20 games, and will likely start out on the blueline next year. He’s described as a smooth skater, and has some offensive upside despite being only 5’9. I think he’ll ¬†probably start the year.

Of the offense, Northeastern brings in CCHL forward Dalen Hedges and USHL forward Tanner Pond. Pond is a gritty power forward who likes to fight along the boards. I think he’ll be a great help as the Huskies have always struggled with fighting along the boards. Pond will likely be a 3rd/4th line guy. Hedges is a 5’9” forward in a secondary league but is considered one of (if not the) top forward in that league. He puts up close to a goal per game and will likely be a 2nd 3rd line guy who can score. Hedges seems like the best pickup in terms of offensive output.

With these 3 guys, the lineup is probably pretty set for next year. I doubt we add more than 1 guy if any for next year, as Madigan has restocked the team after the losses.


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