Saturday Review

Another day, another disappointing loss. Despite Cody Ferriero basically carrying this entire team’s offense, Bentley scored 5 goals (and an empty-netter for good measure) to defeat Northeastern 6-3.

For Northeastern, it was especially disappointing after the win over Harvard last weekend. It looked like the Huskies might be able to start the second half on a roll, but that was simply not the case. To their credit, Bentley’s defense played quite well despite their goalie not being very good. There were multiple chances where the Huskies had an open-net opportunity and the Bentley defenders tied up the guy in front so they could clear the puck. This happened quite frequently, actually, and if their defense had been a little off of its game we still might have tied or won.

Rawlings wasn’t great, but the defense was worse. The first goal was a terrible turnover in our own zone which lead to a nice shot, and the Husky defenders allowed themselves to be outmaneuvered by the Bentley forwards, who set up some very nice chances for themselves. The defense just plain sucked. It was telling to see how conservative Madigan was getting the defense to play- on multiple occasions you’d see the three forwards deep in the Bentley zone, and the defenders either tethered to the blueline or even in the neutral zone. There’s clearly very little confidence in the defense at this point.

The offense at least was halfway decent. They put a lot of chances on net, and fought pretty hard for the puck most of the night, which was made even more impressive if you consider how little help they got from the defense (the most agonizing of which was the power play in which Saucerman had the puck go over his stick 3 times in a row, forcing the offense to keep regrouping in the neutral zone). Ferriero continues to play well, and the other forwards played harder than they have recently.

Going forward, Northeastern faces Maine, the only team below them in the standings. This is a crucial game if the Huskies want to even try for the playoffs (and a win would put them close to 10th place). With any luck Karlsson and Darou come back, and Rawlings rallies next weekend. The offense needs to keep up the pressure that’s been working for them, and the defense needs to get its house in order.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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