Saturday Preview: Bentley Falcons

Tonight Northeastern takes on the Bentley Falcons from the Atlantic Hockey League. This is the final non-conference game besides the Beanpot for the season, and will start the second half of the season for the Huskies.

Bentley is an interesting team, with the top point scorer and top offense in the nation, but also a terrible defense, which is why they have a middling record. They also play in the Atlantic Hockey Conference, which is on the lower end of the competitive spectrum. Nevertheless, to overlook them would be a fatal mistake, as Bentley beat NU in their last matchup in the 2010-2011 season. Bentley has a lot of offensive firepower and they will no doubt come out firing tonight.

For the Huskies, this is a great chance to keep the ball rolling offensively. The Harvard game saw a great offensive explosion, with 5 goals and 3 power play goals (3 for 4 on the power play). The Huskies offense was not great for most of the first half, so this is a chance to take advantage of a poor defense and score goals to keep moving. This is also a great chance for the defense and Rawlings to face a tough offensive team and get them tested for the coming weekends against conference foes.

Northeastern needs to come out of the gate firing, cut through Bentley’s defense and minimize Bentley’s chances of their own on the Huskies defense. If they do that they can win.


About kingcullen

I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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