Saturday Review: Same old, same old

Northeastern lost to UMass Lowell yesterday in what can only be described as a stereotypical loss. The offense failed to do anything, the defense made a few turnovers that were pounced on, and Cody Ferriero took a moronic penalty as time was winding down.

This team has scored 4 goals in the last 3 games, and is 1-5-0 in the last six games. What’s worse is they don’t even look like they’re trying. You could forgive a bad team if it looked like the players were trying out there. At least they want to win and are trying. Not so with these Huskies. You can isolate a few players like Saponari, Roy, Morra, and one or two others who clearly care and clearly hustle every play. By and large, though, this team is sleepwalking their way through a disastrous first half of the season.

The Huskies face a very good Harvard team and then Bentley before they go back to Hockey East play in 2013. At this point, they need to take a good hard look at whether they want to fight for the playoffs or if they are going to keep phoning it in. If it’s the latter, then Madigan might as well just cut the 3/4ths of the team that isn’t doing anything and bring in the Club team.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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