Weekend Preview: UMass Minutemen

This weekend Northeastern faces off against UMass for a home and home series. Tonight, Northeastern travels to NU to play the Mullins Center, and tomorrow the teams square off at Matthews.

UMass, despite a very rocky offseason that saw multiple coaches spurn the Head Coach opening, and finally settled on UVM’s assistant coach John Michelleto. Despite having a bad summer, the Minutemen are 3-5-1 in Hockey East. UMass is one of the teams that Northeastern is competing against directly for the last few playoff spots in Hockey East.

For UMass, it’s safe to say that Kevin Boyle will be the goalie in net, having a 1.59 GAA and .939% SV. UMass is pretty strong, having the second strongest power play in the league, a 4th ranked PK, and middling offensive production overall (but still better than NU).

For Northeastern, Steve Morra is back in action, which means Stone will likely sit out. I think Mountain gets the start, but wouldn’t be surprised if Rawlings was in net. Honestly I couldn’t even start with a lineup projection because the goalie decision seemed unclear even to Madigan on Thursday, and I’m not sure the status of Saucerman, not to mention Madigan may yet again move lines around.

Bottom line: Northeastern has the talent to beat UMass. If the Huskies step up the offensive pressure and if the defense tightens up, they can beat UMass.


About kingcullen

I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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