Sunday Review: More of the same

Northeastern got the worst possible outcome out of the weekend, dropping both its games to teams they’ll directly face in fighting for the last slots for the playoffs. The Huskies were screwed by some bad bounces and defensive miscues. On the first goal, the defender tried to clear but it appeared to bounce off of the UVM player and go right to him in front of the net for an easy goal. The second UVM goal was similarly bad: a poor penalty for NU to take to make it a 4×4, and then Vermont scores right off the faceoff. Northeastern scored 2 goals from Kevin Roy (who is doing quite well this season), but it was too little to late.

Unfortunately for the Huskies, it appears that the original conventional wisdom of this team is proving correct. The defense is regressing, the offense has stagnated, and no one seems to know what is happening with the goalies (Mountain doesn’t dress Friday but starts Sunday?). Perhaps the first two games of a solid defense was just a fluke, and the offensive pressure that seemed to have done well has since disappeared.

If Madigan wants to get this team back on track, he needs to light a fire under the offense and get a good performance from them, and get the defense to tighten up and stop making mistakes. That’s the only way this team makes the playoffs.

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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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