Sunday Preview: University of Vermont

I’ll try and remain upbeat here. One of the things that is a positive tonight is that this is the first team overnight trip. Why might this important? To answer that, look at the 2010-2011 season. In many ways, the seasons are similar up to now. Northeastern did quite poorly, with a record of 1-5-2 going into the series with Maine. Now, NU lost both games up at Maine, losing 4-2 each time. But people who followed the game agreed that Northeastern had reached a turning point in the season, and the Huskies went on to a pretty good season from then on.

Now, I can’t speak to whether this will actually happen, this is only my dear hope. Luckily for NU, they’re playing Vermont, one of the weaker teams right now in Hockey East. UVM lost to BU 6-2 on Friday, and starting goalie Brody Hoffman was pulled in favor of goalie Billy Faust, the backup goalie (hey, that story sounds like our Friday).

I’d hazard a guess that the lineup stays as is, with Manson coming in to replace Cornell, and I think Witt gets played because Madigan seems determined to send a message this year. The Huskies can absolutely win this game, they need to get out there, get a lead, and keep up the pressure all game and not let up.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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