Friday Preview: Providence College

Tonight Northeastern travels down to Providence to play the PC Friars at Schneider Arena (affectionately known as “The Coffin”). In many ways Northeastern and Providence are very similar. Both have struggled to find offense in the start of this season, and both have pretty solid defenses. PC has failed to score a goal in the last 2 games, and only has 6 goals in the last games. NU has similarly failed to do much impressively in terms of offense, and NU and PC have 2 of the 3 worst Power Plays in the league.

So look for a very defensive game and a low scoring affair on both sides. Northeastern is facing off against decommit Jon Gillies, who has done quite well recently.

Projected Lineup:





Considering the success of the McMurty line I think they’ll get a promotion to the lineup. Other than Stone replacing Darcy I don’t think we’ll see a lineup change, things worked alright last weekend so now it’s time to see how they do against Hockey East opponents.




Again, I think we see the same defensive lineup. Rawlings will likely get the start again, he played well last weekend and he’s still the number 1 guy I think.

For Northeastern, they need to get on the score sheet quickly against PC and put the pressure on them to even things up. Northeastern would really like these 2 points against a team they’ll probably be struggling against for those middle slots in the standings, so if NU can get 2 points tonight, it’d be huge.


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