Saturday Review

Northeastern fought to a 0-0 tie with UNH on Sunday at Matthews Arena. Bryan Mountain made 44 saves in the tie.

What to Like

Really, not much to dislike here. The Huskies played a great all around game, and the only reason they didn’t win was because UNH goalie Casey DeSmith is one of the best goalies in the league. The defense is proving themselves to be a lot better than people feared at the start of the season, and the offense created a lot of chances last night. Even the PK looked good, UNH didn’t get much of a chance to do anything. The two best players by far were Braden Pimm and Bryan Mountain. Mountain looked solid all night, no mistakes. Pimm looked like he couldn’t be contained by UNH, he made plays all over the ice and had great puck control.

What to Improve

Like I said, all around great game. The PP didn’t look great, giving up a UNH rush. I thought at times the forwards passed too much, like the stretch in the 3rd when they had control in UNH’s zone for a full minute or so, but were just passing it around. They also didn’t pass much to the defense, which seemed odd. The guys at the point didn’t see a lot of the puck, which meant UNH focused on the forwards.

Overall, it’s a real shame Northeastern only got 1 point this weekend, because the way they played was deserving of a split at the least. These first 3 weeks have been quite encouraging. Northeastern faced off against two excellent teams, UNH and BC twice each, and came away 1-2-1 from it, as well as a win from Merrimack. This is a completely different team from last year. They’re not fading away in games, they keep playing hard up until the end, which is great and will definitely pay off. One of the best things about this weekend was showcasing how good Mountain was. This is a great new card up Madigan’s sleeve, considering how different Mountain and Rawlings are. It makes it that much harder for opposing teams to prepare if they’re not sure they’ll play a 6’5” goalie or a 5’7” agile goalie.

Northeastern has a home and home with Merrimack next weekend, it’ll be another great series no doubt.

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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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