Weekend Preview: #11 UNH

Northeastern faces off this weekend against UNH in a home and home series. Should be a great series of games between the two teams. Both teams have looked strong to start, with UNH starting off 3-0 and NU starting off 2-1.

Projected Lineup:





There seems to be a consensus among fans that a change is needed, and I agree. Scoring 6 goals in 3 games with this offensive talent is unacceptable. While Roy, Vrolyk, and Darcy have looked great, Karlsson hasn’t shown up much. I think Madigan moves things around to see what clicks, meaning he may also make some shifts midgame. I think McMurty replaces the injured Morra, who seems to have gone over Stone as the 4th line grinder guy.




I think we’ll see this lineup, they seem to be the top-6 guys without question. Rawlings get the start of course, he’s played well so far.

UNH is unique in that they possess an olympic size ice sheet, meaning it’s larger than the one at Matthews. This poses a risk and reward here. On the one hand, NU’s offense could be helped by a larger size that allows their speed and skill to excel. On the other hand, the defense might get spread out more than usual and may lead to more UNH opportunities.

In watching the overviews of the UNH games, they don’t score with flashy snipe shots or big slap shots. They score by putting shots on the goalie and crashing the net until it goes in. Rawlings needs to control his rebounds, and the defense needs to keep UNH’s forwards from around the net. Of course, NU also needs to show something on special teams. NU can absolutely go up against UNH and win, they just need to show the same energy and level-headedness they did in their first two games.


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