Weekend Review

Notheastern’s undefeated streak ended at 2, losing to Boston College 3-0 at Conte on Saturday. I was unable to attend the game, but from everything I’ve heard NU played a solid game 5-on-5 but took a number of penalties that lead to it’s loss. This isn’t a surprising or disappointing result. It’s always sad to lose, but BC is one of the top teams in the nation, they erased a 3-goal deficit against UMass in the 3rd period and won in overtime the night before, and BC was playing at home. The 3-1 win over BC was amazing, but a 3-0 loss isn’t a shocking loss. NU plays a good game on even strength, but special teams is something that really needs work, particularly the power play.

In other news, Hockey East teams seem to be doing particularly poorly so far in out of conference games. Merrimack lost to both University of Alaska schools, UMaine was swept by St. Lawrence (Maine now has a -10 goal differential), Providence lost and tied to University of Miami, and UML lost to Denver and beat Colorado College. The only shining star seems to be UNH, which swept St. Cloud State, and beat BU this weekend. UNH is on a 3-0 start and looking good (+7 goal differential). UNH-NU will be a very interesting matchup this weekend, as they have a home-and-home series. Northeastern’s been playing well so far, but we’ll now have back to back games, so it’ll be interesting to see if NU  can improve special teams and beat UNH on the 5×5.

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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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