Hockey East Preview: #2 Boston College

Key Losses:

-Chris Kreider (F): 23-22-45

-Barry Almeida (F): 22-18-40

-Briam Dumoulin (D): 7-21-28

-Tommy Cross (D): 5-19-24

Key Returning Players:

-Johnny Gaudreau (F): 21-23-44

-Steven Whitney (F): 16-23-39

-Patch Alber (D): 1-13-14

-Parker Milner (G): 1.66 GAA, .937 SV%

Key Recruits:

-Michael Matheson (D): 11-16-27 (USHL)

-Teddy Doherty (D): 2-14-16 (USHL)


Picking Boston College to be anywhere but 1st place seems like heresy (in fact, it may result in you getting excommunicated from the Catholic Church at this point), but hear me out on this. BC loses 43% of their goals scored from last year, and loses their best defensemen on the team. BC has a total of 7 guys listed on their roster for defense, which doesn’t seem like a lot of depth in case of injury (and I’m willing to bet at least one BC defenseman gets called to the US camp in January and is out for a few games). BC’s probably playing 3 or 4 freshmen defensemen in the lineup, and guys who are coming straight from the Prep leagues too.

I think BC could very well stay in the #1 spot this year, but they have fewer question marks than Lowell, which is why I ranked them #2.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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