Hockey East Preview: #9 University of Massachusetts

#9: University of Massachusetts

Key Departures:

-T.J Syner (F): 13-24-37

-Daniel Hobbs (F): 12-12-24

-Michael Marcou (D): 6-15-21

Key Returning Players:

-Conor Sheary (F): 12-23-35

-Michael Pereira (F): 17-17-34

-Joel Hanley (D): 7-18-25

-Kevin Boyle (G): .895% SV, 3.00 GAA

Key Arrivals:

-K.J. Tiefenwerth (F): 30-47-77 (EJHL)

-Evan Stack (F): 32-29-61 (BCHL)


I went back and forth several times in placing UMass here. On the one hand, they have a ton of offensive guys coming back, which should be a great help. On the other hand, their goaltending was pretty bad and they have a whole new coaching system in place, which are major intangibles. Maybe their new coach works like Norm Bazin did, or maybe he struggles to get his team the way he wants it to be. Now, I could certainly see UMass going higher, fighting for a 6th or 7th place spot (depending on how other teams do as well), depending on how much their offense steps it up and how effective their defense/goaltending is, but for now I think they’re more likely than other teams to miss the playoffs.


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