Roy Brothers commit to NU

In the biggest news for Northeastern this offseason, Kevin Roy and his brother Derick Roy have committed to Northeastern University for the upcoming season. Kevin will immediately fit in, probably in the second or third line, depending on how the lines shake out. Derick Roy may redshirt, or may simply sit as a 3rd/4th string goalie, again depending on what Madigan’s plan is.

This whole situation is obviously very muddled and there’s likely very little love lost between the Brown coaching staff and Northeastern at this point. Roy’s decommital was very sudden and abrupt, but Roy signed nothing binding with Brown and with a guy like Roby keeping a sharp eye on the program I’m confident that nothing improper happened here. Derick Roy coming here is a nice addition, and I’m pretty sure they came as a package deal. It’s a package deal I’m very glad we got here.

Now, let’s be clear. Northeastern still has it’s fair share of issues for next year. Our goaltending will depend on Rawlings/Witt, and we can only hope they have spent the offseason improving their respective games. Our defense is going to be stocked with overage freshmen, some of whom sound good, but time will tell if they can stand up to the offense of BU or BC.

However, Kevin Roy goes a long way to adding depth to Northeastern’s forwards. Assuming Karlsson, Saponari, and Vermeersch stick together on the first line (since they worked well together last year), Roy could slot in well in the second line with Braden Pimm and Cody Ferriero. The third line could then feature guys like Adam Reid or Joe Manno, players who showed a lot of promise last year and could be poised for breakout seasons this year. Add in Darcy as a third line center and that could be a very solid group, and the fourth line has a lot of solid grinder players who could muck up the other team’s offense. Roy is a player who in one year in the USHL broke the league record for scoring with 50 goals and 54 assists. He’s got terrific stick handling skills, and will come in very handy for offense.

I think the two Roy’s arrival make Northeastern’s season look a little more promising. In Hockey East when everyone is fighting until the last game, I think this gives NU a much-needed bump in the rat-race that is the standings.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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