Not much going on in the world of NU hockey, just two things of note recently:

Dax Lauwers, a defensemen for the Lincoln Stars has decided to come for the upcoming season. Lauwers is a big guy at 6’2”, and is described as a pure defensive defenseman and a shot-blocking machine, as well as having a lot of edge and grit. These are all things that the NU defense desperately needs, especially with the loss of Eibler and Bitetto. The fact that he appears to have absolutely no offensive skills is a secondary concern, but if this guy can play a good game of defense then I won’t have complaints.

Northeastern’s bringing in a lot of defensemen for next year, all of whom are overagers, and all but one of whom are pretty big. I’m tentatively optimistic about this; these guys tend to be more ready Day 1, and we now have more competition, and we can sit guys who play badly more often than we could last year, when the bench was thin. It also hopefully brings in some grit that we missed last year.

Secondly, Jon Gillies has committed to Providence College. Gillies is the likely the last Cronin guy who has left, and going to Providence lets us see what he looks like. Unfortunately, we’ll also likely see this guy work his skills on the Huskies 3 times a year. Things could still change before October, but for now Gillies is going to play for the Friars.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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