A look at next year’s OOC schedule

While the fan forums over at USCHO is usually a hellish landscape filled with trolls and fanboys, they occasionally have some very interesting information. Every year the fans of all the different teams compile the schedule of everyone. While Northeastern only has a bit of info so far, but there’s some more information not posted:

-2 Beanpot Games

-St. Lawrence

-Alabama Huntsville

-Notre Dame

In addition, there are 2 more potential games that aren’t listed yet. RPI was mentioned as a possibility, but there’s no mention of us visiting RPI among RPI fans. So there’s still a bit of mystery. Overall, this seems like a fairly balanced schedule. Notre Dame and BU in the Beanpot opener are all consistently strong teams. Alabama Huntsville is a pretty bad team, while St. Lawrence was a middling team in the ECAC. So it’s not like 2010-2011, when we played 3 AHA teams, and it’s not like last year’s tough schedule. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Alabama. They’re a struggling team trying to remain alive down south, and being able to play them is a welcome site (especially if they are eliminated within the next few years). St. Lawrence is another team I have yet to see, so getting to watch them is nice.

Hopefully, we’ll know more within the next few weeks as to the last few games, but off to a pretty good start.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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