Captain Named for next year

Congratulations to Vinny Saponari, who will captain the Huskies for the upcoming 2012-2013 season. Also congratulations to Robbie Vrolyk and Ludwig Karlsson, who were named the team’s assistant captains. Karlsson won the rookie of the year award, while Vrolk won the team’s unsung hero award.

There are a couple of interesting takeaways here. Saponari as the Captain is pretty interesting to me. He’s only played for the team 1 year, but he’s played 3 seasons of college hockey, and has won a national championship, so he knows how to win, and seems like a seasoned veteran who can really build a good team mentality here. The fact that he’s staying also points to his interest in finishing off his college career in a strong way. He probably could have signed after leaving BU, or after this season, but he wants to stick around, which I think is a great sign.

The Assistant Captain choices are pretty interesting, and I must say I am surprised. I can’t speak to either’s character, but I assume the coaching staff knows what kind of guys they want leading this team, and they are those kind of characters. Vrolyk’s been around a lot, and despite not playing a lot last season, put up some pretty respectable numbers, scoring 5 goals in the last 6 games. Karlsson started very strong, but tapered off at the end. I’d like to see a consistently strong season for Karlsson all throughout next year, which I think is very possible (especially if he sticks with Vermeersch and Saponari).

Finally, Drew Daniels, who was Assistant Captain this year, lost his position. I’ve heard significant talk that the Daniels are both planning on leaving, and this seems to reinforce it.. Frankly, they haven’t done much, and the indication I got was that they were pretty low on the depth charts (the coaching staff believes their new defensemen are a step up on Drew Daniels, and the same likely goes with Justin Daniels and the center position). If they do indeed sign, it’ll be the departure of 2 more Cronin guys, and accelerate Madigan’s rise, and possibly allow him to add another guy or 2 for the upcoming season (BU’s 2013 recruit, Sam Kurker, wants to come in this upcoming year, and BU has no extra space for him currently, is a potential idea).

All in all, some interesting developments, and will make for a very interesting next year.


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One Response to Captain Named for next year

  1. Alternate says:

    the “A” stand for alternate, not assistant.

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