Minor Updates

With our season over and not much going on, I will sadly have far less to talk about over the next few months. So I will likely look into other Hockey East teams as a source for inspiration to write. Any writing like this will be focused on non-Northeastern teams in the context of Hockey East or college hockey in general.

-San Jose announced the signing of Sebastian Stalberg, a sophomore from the University of Vermont. San Jose loves college hockey and Hockey East: their entire Worcester team is a veritable who’s who of Hockey East stars over the years. For Vermont, this is a loss of a significant offensive talent on a team bereft of offensive talent. With this, UVM will have lose their 1st and 3rd top scorers, as well as their top goalie (though their goalie, Rob Madore, was quite subpar this season).

-Far off in the future recruit Cam Askew got an interview with Dan Sallows, a blogger who focuses on future talent: guys in the NCAA, USHL, and Canadian leagues. 2 things stand out. First is that he’s interviewing Askew, who’s 14. A lot of guys he interviews are mostly draft eligible, but he clearly sees some top talent with this kid. Second is Askew’s size. He’s only 14 but is 6’3”. By the time he gets here (if he does) he could be a monster of a kid.

-Finally, Ludwig Karlsson was a unanimous choice for Hockey East’s Rookie team. For a lot of the season he was in contention for ROTY along with Scott Wilson and John Gaudreau. However, near the end of the season he tapered off and Wilson continued his hot streak. Still, Karlsson had a terrific freshman season, and this was a well-deserved award.


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