Huskies add another 2012 recruit

Welcome aboard to Jarrett Fennell, who immediately takes the title of “most double letters in a name”. Fennell is a LD, and captain of the Aurora Sound Tigers, a highly successful Ontario Junior Hockey League (the same team that Mike McLaughlin came from). In 49 games, he has a 6-16-22 line with 42 PIM. Adding yet another dman at this point probably increases the likelihood that Bitetto will be signing. It’s also likely that guys like him and Darou are seen as better than guys like Oskroba and Hoefler, who may not see any ice time next year (or may decide to go DIII if they want to play, like Matt Lipinski did in 2010-2011 after seeing only limited ice time the year before). This also increases the likelihood of Colton Saucerman not having fully recovered from his knee injury by October.

This doesn’t really change the starting lineup, other than putting Fennell above Oskroba and Hoeffler. It seems that Madigan is moving fast to shape the Huskies in his image, and has added a number of overage Canadians (something that Cronin did when he first started with guys like MacLeod, Silva and McNeely, who were all 20 freshman year). It’ll be interesting to see how this affects the Huskies. The average age will go up (Darcy and Gillies will be 18 on arrival, while the other 6 recruits will be 20 or 21). Clearly Madigan is hoping to add some more seasoned players quickly (and probably cheaply in terms of scholarship money) in order to bolster the depth and maturity of the team. Just my 2 cents of course. The next couple of weeks will be interesting in seeing who signs, and who we’re left with.


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