Weekend Preview: #4 Boston University

This weekend Northeastern faces off against Boston University in what will be the Huskies last home game of the season, and quite likely their last games of the season as well. BU is the perfect foil for Northeastern too, always managing to kick the Huskies in the ‘nads right when it most hurts. As with the 2009-2010 season, the Terriers stand a very good chance at destroying our playoff chances (kind of ironic, since they crushed our playoff dreams in 09-10, we crushed theirs in 10-11, and now they can do it again in 11-12).

BU lost Nicastro to the police the week before, but despite the losses of 3 top players, they continue to chug along because their entire team is incredibly solid. The Huskies, on the other hand, are out Ferriero, will likely be out Vrolyk, and could also be out McLaughlin and Tuckerman (both sustained concussions last weekend and were questionable). The last 3 are incredibly solid players who have been doing great recently, so the prospect of replacing them with Morra and Dongara isn’t exactly thrilling, not to mention it’ll likely screw up defense. So fingers crossed that we see at least 1 of them.

Northeastern’s been at a 21% conversion rate on the PP in the last 4 games, and with BU having the most PIM in the league, maybe this is the weekend that we turn our PP into an asset (hahahahaha that was a good joke). More importantly, however, NU can’t take BU’s bait, they’ve got to remain above it and not negate BU’s penalties. And finally, Rawlings needs a solid pair of games.

The odds are stacked against us this weekend. Northeastern’s pulled off some terrific wins this year, so they certainly have it in them to do so, let’s see if they can make that final playoff push.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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