Minor Updates

Not much going on this weekend other than Northeasterns’s chances getting smaller at making the playoffs. At this point NU needs more points than UMass this weekend to make it. UML can’t win the Regular Season title, and if we beat BU, they won’t be able to either. So BC will likely will the crown, and UMass has that tiebreaker. There are 2 plausible scenarios:

-NU splits the series with BU while UMass ties twice. NU advances with one more league win than UMass

-NU gets more points than UMass. The simplest and cleanest way to advance.

I’m not holding my breath here, but NU split with Maine. I think we can get some much-needed points this weekend too.

In other news, Brad Thiessen made his NHL debut, stopping 22 of 24 in a 4-2 win over Columbus yesterday. Vitale also scored a goal, and NU overall got a ton of love from the announcers. It’s great to see members of the 08-09 team excell like this, and I hope to see Thiessen continue in the NHL for some time.

Northeastern also added a ’91 Birthdate defenseman from the CCHL for next year, Dustin Darou. He played for the All-star game for the CCHL, and looks like a solid defenseman in a lower league, a la Dan Cornell. I think he’ll likely be a depth guy, and a possible hedge against early signings by someone like Bitetto or Eibler.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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