Why you should cheer on the women’s team instead

As the season draws to an end, it’s time to take stock of who we should focus our remaining  support. After a quick look, it’s pretty clear that the Women’s hockey team is much more deserving of our turnout and enthusiasm. Just look at the numbers:

The Lady Huskies lead Hockey East in almost every category. They are 1st in both scoring offense and defense. These aren’t just narrow leads either. A lead of scoring offense with .23 and a lead in scoring defense with .36. With the season near over, we’re locked into those #1 spots, and in a very impressive manner. Northeastern also has the best PK in the league, and the 2nd best in PIM’s (they’re only off the lowest spot by .1 PIM per game).

In addition, the women has most goals scored, fewest allowed, and the best special teams net (the men are the lowest in Hockey East). Not to mention Florence Schelling being the best goalie in the league (and 3rd best in the nation).

Even better is the fact that Northeastern’s solid numbers aren’t likely to disappear. Our top scorer is a freshman (and top scoring freshman in the nation), and the top 7 scorers are all going to return. With women’s hockey, there aren’t flashy paychecks to draw away top players, so no need to worry about a top player breaking our heart!

Not to mention the Lady Huskies won the Beanpot this year, and have had a far better track record than the men.

Northeastern’s last game is 2PM at Matthews tomorrow against Providence. A win means that Northeastern wins the regular season title for Hockey East. Northeastern averages 251 people a game. Everyone should go tomorrow (as well as the playoff games the first weekend of March) and cheer on our successful hockey team.


About kingcullen

I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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