Only UMass matters now

Northeastern at this point, has a relatively narrow path to the playoffs in March, an affair which will likely be a short-lived affair for the Huskies. Right now, the Huskies are tied with UMass for the 8th/9th spot. Vermont is very firmly in 10th place, and UNH has a pretty commanding lead for the 7th spot, being 4 points ahead of the Huskies and Minutemen. In short, the only team that we need to keep an eye on is UMass. Here’s our remaining schedule:

Harvard, 2 vs. PC (both at Matthews), 2 vs. Maine (both at Matthews), 2 vs. BU (home and home)

And here’s UMass:

2 at Maine, 2 vs. UNH, 2 against Merrimack (home and home)

I’d say the Huskies have by far the harder schedule here. PC just swept their weekend, and has been playing pretty well this year. Maine has really turned it up this year and dominated Northeastern earlier in the year. Finally, BU is always a tough opponent and has some mental edge over the Huskies (and some serious mental edge over Rawlings).

In the event of a tie, neither team has the advantage in head to head. I believe the next tiebreaker is who has more wins. Right now, NU has the advantage with 7 wins to 6 for UMass. The easiest solution here is just to win over UMass and avoid a tiebreaker scenario. Northeastern conceivably could still vault over UNH for 7th, but that’s an incredibly slim chance.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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