The need for line changes

With the absence of Ferriero and Quailer, it has become apparent that a shake-up of the lines. Obviously some things are humming along quite nicely, and there is no need for a change. Specifically, however, there is a need to shake up the lines of Dongara-Pimm-Daniels and the line of Stone-Reid-Manno. Finally, the Power Play lines need to be reformed.

Reforming the Forward lines: Karlsson-Vermeersch-Saponari is still a very solid lineup, and should be our top line going forward. Vrolyk-Tuckerman-McLaughlin have also been doing pretty well, so there’s no need to really shake things up there. However, Dongara and Daniels should be demoted to the 4th line. Have Daniels act as center, and put Stone and Dongara on the wings. Promote Reid and Manno, two promising freshmen who deserve more time to polish their skills.

Reforming the Power Play Unit: Keep 2 defensemen on both units. We’re getting killed on the point right now, and need to put defensemen on the point. I’d suggest keeping line continuity going forward, as I wouldn’t be surprised if part of our problems here lie in the different lines from the 5×5 game. Make the first PP unit Karlsson-Vermeersch-Saponari with Bitetto-Cornell (and if Cornell is not up to the task, replace him with D. Daniels) . Make the second unit the newly formed Reid-Pimm-Manno, with Eibler-Manson as the men manning the blueline.

These are only suggestions, obviously I have not seen practice. However, it seems fairly obvious in the games that these lines are not working very well, and it is necessary to make  adjustments quickly before the end of the season.

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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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