Post-game thoughts: That really got out of hand fast

Well it’s pretty much impossible to draw much of anything from this game. Northeastern sat out Quailer, Pimm, Ferriero and Justin Daniels, played all 8 Defensemen, and played a lot of 3rd and 4th line guys a lot. A loss is annoying, but it doesn’t really matter

Fun with Math:

-Vermeersch picked up a goal and two assists

-Rawlings and Witt each had 15 saves and 3 goals allowed

-Northeastern’s PP went 2/6, their PK 4/7

The Bigger Picture:

-Northeastern now sits at 17 in the PWR after the other games concluded last night

-Northeastern now has BU and BC both next weekend

There’s not much to take away here. Northeastern still needs work on special teams, and needs to improve that soon. The team knew the game didn’t matter, and what’s really important here is that they recognize the importance of next weekend’s games and play like they have on their streak for those games. A special bonus was seeing future Husky Cam Darcy play, who didn’t put up points but was a +1 on the night


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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