Friday Preview: Team USA

Tonight Northeastern faces off against the US U-18 team in a mid-season exhibition game. This will be the first midseason exhibition game I’ve seen, and the dynamic is very different. A preseason game is very messy- lots of new players, but a midseason game is about correcting problems. And boy do we have problems to fix. Special teams should be a focus for this game.

With this being a more or less irrelevant game, it’s time to let some players who haven’t played a lot get some more time. Play Mountain and Witt for at least a period each, let them stay sharp and keep Rawlings rested. Let guys like Stone, Reid, and Manno get more ice time to improve and prove themselves. And try anything on the Power Play. Maybe play 5 forwards, or just use normal lines, anything really.

This is an exhibition game, so while it would be nice to win, it won’t have any impact one way or another. Score early, keep up offensive pressure (it’d be nice to experience that), and experiment on areas of the game that are weak in preparation for next weekend.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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2 Responses to Friday Preview: Team USA

  1. Anthony says:

    We also get a look at Cam Darcy who is coming in next year and is playing on the Under 18 team right now as their first line center.

  2. kingcullen says:

    An excellent point, it’ll be nice to see a future NU player, as well as see what future BC and BU players look like.

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