Post-game thoughts: Kissing your sister

Well, I didn’t love that. Northeastern played incredibly sloppy in just about all facets of the game. They took an outrageous amount of penalties, went 0-7 on the PP, tried to be too cute with offensive plays, and Rawlings was shaky. All in all a game that Northeastern should have won handily was squandered and ended up in a tie.

Fun with Math:

-Braden Pimm got 2 more goals tonight, and now has 5 goals in the last 4 games

-Steve Quailer now has an 8 game pointstreak

-This was the first game since 11/12 that Rawlings has let in more than 2 goals

The Bigger Picture:

-Northeastern is now 7-7-3

-Northeastern sits at 19 in the PWR, a number that m ove around a tad after all of tonight’s games are decided

Despite the fact that we advanced to the final like we wanted, there is a ton to improve upon. Northeastern seems to have problems facing lower teams, so do they play a strong game against a top tier Minnesota team or has the break made them a bit soft? We’ll find out tomorrow, but you have to imagine that Madigan is not pleased with hos his team played tonight.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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