Friday Preview: Princeton

In just a little while from now, Northeastern faces off against the Princeton Tigers at the Mariucci Classic in Minnesota. Princeton is a pretty weak team, tied for 9th in ECAC and sporting a 4-9-2 record overall. Princeton has a pretty weak position in terms of goaltending and scoring, with their top scorer have only 11 points thus far (in comparison, 4 Northeastern players have 11 points or better). Princeton’s advantages are a better Power Play (not hard to do), and playing pretty cleanly (only 3 players have PIM’s in the double digits). Princeton is a team that shouldn’t be too hard to defeat, but might end up being a tough opponent if the Huskies don’t play well.

Northeastern needs to score early to set the mood, and build off their lead quickly. Putting them behind early will show that Northeastern is picking up where they left off and won’t be taking the game easily. Northeastern has more physicality and should use that to their advantage, win puck battles, control¬†possession, and force princeton to play to the Huskies’s tempo. Stay out the penalty box as much as possible. Finally, pour shots on their goalie. He doesn’t have very good stats, so the more you can shoot, the more you can force him to make mistakes and then capitalize on that. If Northeastern wants to keep the win streak alive, they’ll need to do this.



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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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