Midseason Rankings- Defense/Goalies

Anthony Bitetto-A. Terrific puck moving skills, lots of offensive power, and very good defensive skills. He’s the best defenseman we have, and is great in all zones.

Luke Eibler-A. Great use of throwing his body around, good defensive strength, and excellent shutdown skills.

Dan Cornell-B. Though I give him an A in terms of preseason expectations. He came on with no scholarship money, wasn’t expected to play much, but has instead been very solid in terms of defense.

Drew Ellement-B. Solid, defensive play, not lots of flash, but very solid play.

Drew Daniels-B. See Ellement. Not tons of an offensive punch, but plays quite solidly defensively.

Josh Manson-C. He came on late, was drafted in the 6th round, and was expected to add some offensive power. While I think he’ll eventually show some of that offensive flash, we haven’t seen it so far, and he had problems early playing defense. He’s certainly been improving, but wasn’t that good for a lot of the first half.

Jake Hoeffler-Incomplete

Ben Oksroba-Incomplete

Chris Rawlings-A. His start was a bit rough, but it’s clear he’s improved this year and has done much better. Especially recently he’s done very well and will be a much sought after prospect this offseason.

Clay Witt-C. He was expected to pop up here and there, but has failed to do well enough to make a case for himself. Even when Rawlings did poorly he didn’t step up.

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