Midseason Ranking- Forwards

With a big block of time off before the next games, there’s an opportunity to fill the space with some midseason reviews. First up, forwards. For my sanity, I’ll stick with A, B, C, D, F, or Incomplete, and not get bogged down in -, +, etc.

Steve Quailer- A. He leads the team in points, and has molded well with Pimm and Ferriero. After last season where he didn’t do much at all, he’s really taken off. I’m hoping to see him continue to improve in the second half of the season.

Vinny Saponari-B. He’s been very solid in setting up goals, but where are his goals? If he can start scoring goals regularly it’ll add yet another threat, and boost his rankings.

Cody Ferriero-A. He didn’t do a whole lot last season, but the last 3 weeks really turned it on against BU and BC. This season, however, he’s turned it on and done quite well for himself. The teamwork between him, Pimm and Quailer is really benefting the team offense.

Braden Pimm-A. Like Ferriero, he came in pretty hyped, but didn’t do a ton until the end of the season. However, he has stepped his game up and is playing well, with 6 goals, the same amount he had all of last season.

Zak Stone- A. He works so hard all the time, it’s really impressive. He makes a lot of chances for his line with his hard work, and is terrific along the boards. A great energy player, and a terrific grinder.

Rob Dongara- F. I really don’t know what’s going on. He’s gone from rookie of the year for Northeastern to a constant scratch. At this point, it’s going to be evn harder for him to break the lineup due to the lines melding so well.

Steve Morra- Incomplete. Hasn’t played much at all, so hard to really give him a grade.

Justin Daniels-B. Started off very stongly, and migrated downwards into the middle of the pack. He’s very good on the 3rd line and has added some offensive threat there, so hopefully he starts scoring again.

Joe Manno-C. Good stick-handling skills, and will be a rising offensive threat, but he really needs to get a handle of discipline. If he keeps his discipline under control, he will be a very solid offensive power.

Ludwig Karlsson- A. By far the best freshman on the team, and possibly in Hockey East. He hasn’t made any freshman mistakes, and doesn’t take stupid penalties, and has great scoring and playmaking abilities.

Adam Reid-B. Started off quietly, but he has picked it up. Great along the boards, great use of his size to drive on the net.

Garrett Vermeersch-A. He’s finally playing unselfish hockey again, and has thus earned himself a 2nd line spot. He’s playing the way we wanted him to play, and that’s done some great things for our offense.

Mike McLaughlin-C. He’s a very solid team leader, and is highly committed, blocking shots and is great for the team. That being said, his scoring run has dried up, and it’ll be interesting to see where he fixes back into the lineup.

Alex Tuckerman-D. After his very solid first year, he hasn’t really done much. Hopefully he picks it up the second half.

Robbie Vrolyk-C. He’s been a very good energy guy and PKer, but hasn’t done much in the way of scoring.


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