Rumor Mill Part II

Oh look, more rumors. Once again this is provided by the Boston College Hockey Blog. Unfortunately, their reporting is significantly more vague than it was on the Coyle story, and it’ll take more time before this potentially happens (or doesn’t). How vague is it? Well, we know that supposedly the top BU player is leaning toward signing with the OHL (Major Juniors) after the World Juniors tournament. Of course, what is the “top player” mean? Top scorer left? Considering it’s a 2 way tie, unlikely.

The rumor is Adam Clendening, Sophomore defenseman with a 1-11-12 line  and a +5 rating in 16 games this year (and drafted by Chicago 36th overall last year). This would be logical since you’d only wait until the end of the World Juniors if you were in them, and the only other BU player there is Clendening, who is also Coyle’s roomate. Parker’s gotta be cursing himself for that room assignment if this turns out to be true.

How credible is this? Well, the BCHB was right the first time, despite doubts (even I was unsure about the likelihood of this). This means whatever sources they have are probably decent, so they’re not just speculating. On the other hand, the less information means less is confirmed, and in this case the player is only “leaning” toward departure, unlike Coyle who was reported as gone. There’s also less in the way of pushback on this story (partly perhaps due to the lack of knowledge). I’d say there’s about a 25% chance this all happens. The lack of a high chance is more because of the lack of knowledge we have here, when more information comes out the more we’ll know. Clendening also had a lot of rumors swirling about last summer, when he was thought to be close to forgoing BU and signing with the OHL, so it’s not like he was dying to come here (and even Coyle couldn’t wait to come here and ended up leaving).

In all likelihood we won’t know everything until after. After Coyle was signed, a number of bloggers and reporters came out afterwards and said they had heard rumors, they just didn’t have anything concrete. So maybe after this happens a lot of people will come out with information that would have made this rumor a lot more concrete. The World Junior Championships lasts until January 5th, so we’ll likely know if he’s leaving by then.


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