Weekend Overview

The Basics:

-NU beat UML 3-2

-BU swept their 2 games, beating UNH during the week and Maine on Saturday

-BC beat Providence during the weekday, but lost to UML on Friday

-Merrimack beat hapless Vermont and then tied with #12 Colgate

-UMass showed their dominance at home, beating Yale during the week

Northeastern continues to get votes but no rank in the polls, while BC, BU, UML, and Merrimack all stayed where they were or advanced in the polls.

The biggest story, however, is Corey Trivino’s dismissal from the team. Trivino lead Hockey East in goals scored, lead BU in points, and was the top line center (as well as being a 2nd round Islanders draft pick). Trivino was arrested Sunday night for attempted rape, breaking and entering, and other charges after he tried to kiss and grope an RA. He was immediately kicked off the team. It’s a very tragic situation for the woman involved, but I have little sympathy for Trivino. He was given 3 chances to reform, to seek help for his drinking, and change. He refused every time. despite the multitude of chances given, he screwed it up. Jack Parker also shoulders some of this blame. He gave Trivino too many chances without any attempt to get him to change, never demanded he seek help, never did anything that might actually change Trivino’s behavior. He did make the right call in immediately kicking him off the team.

BU is now without their top center when their about to face Notre Dame, Merrimack, and Northeastern over the next few weeks. It’ll be interesting how the team handles it, and whether Parker can do anything about team discipline. With so many players the past few years suspended, kicked off, etc. it’s incredible to see nothing really changing.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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