Saturday Recap: 6 in a row

Another win against another tough opponent. Going in, we knew Lowell was a tough opponent, but after watching them in person it’s clear why they’re going to be strong this year. They have one of the best goalie’s in the league, have a willingness to shoot wherever, because they will crash the net aggressively.

Fun with Math

-Steve Quailer now has a 7 game point streak, with a 5-7-12 line in those games

-Anthony Bitetto now has a 4 game point streak, with 1-4-5 in those games

-Chris Rawlings has .951 Save percentage and 1.28 GAA in the last 6 games

-The last time the Huskies assembled a 6 game win streak was the beginning of the 2008-2009 season

The Bigger Picture

-The Huskies now sit in 7th place in Hockey East, with 10 points, 1 behind Maine, 2 behind Providence, and 1 ahead of UNH

-The Huskies are now 18th in the PWR, a jump of 4 from Friday. Winning was the biggest reason why it bumped up.

This was a solid win by Northeastern. Not the prettiest win, and won with help by UML coach Norm Bazin, who made a questionable call to pull Carr with 4:00 left and suffered an Empty-netter as a result. Northeastern did a good job of keeping the Riverhawk’s shots to the outside, and really cut down on a lot of Grade-A chances. This was a great win to take us into the break, and gives Northeastern the chance to work on stuff in preparation for the second half of the season (Special teams for example).


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