Hockey East Roundup

Hockey East had an eventful week:

-Northeastern swept #2 Notre Dame

-Providence swept #1 Merrimack

-BC and BU split a series, despite BC heavily outshooting BU

-UMass Lowell swept UNH pretty decisively

-Maine swept Vermont, also pretty decisively

-UMass tied with Harvard

Winners of the weekend:

Providence, Northeastern, UML, and Maine all swept their series, so I think it’s pretty clear they all are winners. I’d also put BU in here. Despite getting outshot they spit the weekend and now have the tiebreaker over BC for the season.

Losers of the Weekend:

Vermont, Merrimack, and UNH all got swept. UNH is the worst, because they’re just sucking something awful this year, and haven’t really gotten out of their funk. UNH only has 1 point and 1 game in hand ahead of us, making the last NU-UNH game crucial. BC lost the tiebreaker so I’d say they’re a loser. Finally, UMass could only manage a split against Harvard.

Right now there are a lot of teams that aren’t doing too well, and it’s really working to Northeastern’s advantage. Vermont, UNH, and UMass, are all doing poorly, and eating up the game deficit that NU accrued early on. Even beyond that, Maine is doing average, and Providence and UML are flying high now, but where will they be in March?

Northeastern should be happy with the past weekend. This weekend, 2 points are a must if we want a decent playoff seed.


About kingcullen

I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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