Saturday review: Bring out the brooms

Wow, just an incredible victory last night. The Huskies worked hard, and didn’t let Notre Dame get anything easy. Notre Dame poured on the pressure, especially in the 3rd period after the Huskies scored the game winning goal.

Fun with Math:

-Steve Quailer now has a 6 point scoring streak, notching 11 points (4-7-11) in this streak.

-Braden Pimm has 6 points in the last 3 games

-Garrett Vermeersch has 6 points in the last 4 games

-The Huskies have outscored opponents 24-7 in our 5 game winning streak

-Chris Rawlings hasn’t let up more than 2 goals in a game during the winning streak

The Bigger Picture:

-The Huskies are now 22nd in the Pairwise. The top 16 teams get in (but because of automatic bids, teams generally need to be somewhere int he 12-14 range to have a good chance at a spot). In context, Notre Dame is 4th in the PWR

-The sweep of Notre Dame, Providence’s sweep of Merrimack, and BC’s split with BU means the top 3 teams in the nation went 1-5-0 this weekend. Look for a big shakeup in the polls


This was perhaps one of the best times to step up and get a sweep. Notre Dame is a terrific team, and will make a run for the NCAA tournament. But the Huskies came in an absolutely dominated. They took quality shots, kept up the pressure, and scored early and often. Both games are quite different learning experiences that I think showed us some good signs about the Huskies.

In the first game, they leapt out of the gate, scored a lot. But more importantly, they turtle and let Notre Dame get back into the game. They started the 2nd period with a quick goal, and kept kicking Notre Dame when it was down, not letting them get back up. In the second game, it was down to the wire. They went down 1-0, but battled back with 2 excellent goals, and held on. Notre Dame put a lot of pressure on near the end, but Northeastern didn’t crumble. They kept the Irish to the boards, limited their chances, and didn’t fall apart.

All in all, an excellent sweep this weekend. Hopefully a sign of great things to come.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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2 Responses to Saturday review: Bring out the brooms

  1. Tony says:

    Lets keep it up!!! Go Huskies!! On another note, I know Quailer is a Junior, but I heard some rumors that he might forego his senior year. Has anyone else heard anything?

    • kingcullen says:

      Tony, I’ve heard the same rumors. Some people in fact consider him as good as gone after the year. Some things against us: Quailer isn’t the hugest fan of school, and would rather be playing professionally sooner rather than later. Montreal also needs to sign him by the summer, as their ownership of his rights expires in August. I think if Quailer keeps playing the way he is, it’s pretty likely he leaves after the season.

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