Recruit Update

Recruiting information has been updated so far. It’s been pretty easy to keep up with the recruits for the next few years as the USHL’s website compiles all the data conveniently. For players 3 or 4 years down the line it’s harder to find such information. Some notes:

-Gillies is now officially a 2012 recruit, having signed an NLI for next year. That’s an excellent sign and welcome to see. His numbers, meanwhile, have dropped off a bit since a hot start, but he still boasts pretty good numbers and is considered a top goalie prospect for the 2012 draft.

-Ryan Belonger continues a solid start with 2 goals this past weekend. Belonger will be an excellent offensive addition to a team that loses McLaughlin, and likely Tuckerman and Quailer.

-Michael Gunn looks like a very good defensive pickup, with now a +13 rating. I think he’ll fly under the radar this year but could play the crucial two-way defenseman role. Maybe a 2nd D-pairing kind of guy who will be great to have.

-In other defenseman news, it looks increasingly likely Renz isn’t coming. He’s now not listed as an NU recruit. While he’s still on Heisenberg’s list, I’d say there’s a 25% chance he winds up at Northeastern.

-Finally, in not really recruit news, the USHL looks likely to add another team in Marion, Ind. next year. This will add a 17th team. How does this benefit Northeastern? Well, I’d imagine the USHL would end up adding an 18th team, possibly for next year. Finally, the USHL is the best location for the top hockey talent in North America. Their slow addition of new teams allows the talent pool to stay strong, while letting nontraditional powers like NU pick up terrific players. The USHL is an incredibly smart organization that believes in slow advancement, and their addition of another team or two means the talent’s there, the money’s there, and more teams can benefit from high-end hockey players.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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