Hockey East News and Recruit Update

The big news is Merrimack College getting 1st place in both USCHO’s and USA Today’s College Hockey polls for the first time ever. it helps when previous #1 Minnesota lost and Merrimack didn’t play, but congratulations to Merrimack. Amazing to see how far they’ve come in the course of just a few years.

In other Hockey East news, freshman Ludwig Karlsson has been named player of the week after a terrific weekend, with 3 goals, 6 shots, and a +3. Karlsson is really proving to be a diamond in the rough and is the top scorer so far this year, with a point a game.

In recruiting news, Northeastern has picked up a commitment from Cam Askew, an 8th Grader for 2016. Yes, 2016. The first commitment for 2016 in the country. That’s such a long way away, and this kid is so young, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t come. A lot can happen between now and then. He’s supposed to be a top kid in his age, and at 6’2” already, he could be a beast when he matures. It’s nice he committed, but let’s wait and see before we get excited.

In other recruiting news, Northeastern has seen a lot of their players. Younger players such as Dylan McLaughlin have transitioned into the USHL earlier than is expected, which is always a great sign, and Northeastern recruits Cam Darcy, Jon Gillies, and Zachary Aston-Reeese have all gotten notice from the NHL’s Central Scouting. These three players are in the top 25 of the USHL, so there’s a pretty good chance they’ll get drafted, especially with the increasing weight the USHL has in the NHL.

Cam Darcy, Ryan Belonger, and Jon Gillies will likely be the stars of the incoming class. Gillies is the goalie of the future, and will likely be the starter once Rawlings leaves. Darcy is a big power forward with a lot of potential who could be big addition. Finally, Belonger has been described as a big goal scorer as well. The addition of another two offensive threats could make Northeastern quite powerful, especially if we can return a solid defense as well.


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