No T OT Needs To Go

This past weekend, Northeastern went into overtime in both games against Merrimack, and came out with a tie and a loss. Frustrated, I mentioned that No T OT should be taken out and shot, a sentiment that a number of people agree with. However, there seems to be a significant portion of resistance to this, and there are fans who have no interest in abandoning this. This is meant to address some of their points.

First, I don’t think anyone is suggesting that No T OT in anyway actually effects the game. I certainly don’t think No T OT makes our players play worse anymore than I think it makes them play better. However, this “tradition” so to speak has an abysmal record, 1-6-10 in the past 2 years. Our one win? With 3 seconds left against UMass Lowell last year, the team that garnered all of 5 wins last season. Hardly a ringing success. More importantly, as a superstitious sports fan, this just seems to be laughing in the face of fate every game. I wouldn’t consider myself a very superstitious person, but even this just seems unlucky.

Secondly, as to the idea that it gets the fans “into the game”. To be honest, if we need guys taking their shirts off to get fans interested in the fact we’re going into overtime means we likely have bigger problems with student involvement. It’s overtime, the DogHouse should be able to whip fans into a frenzy with or without the necessity to take clothing off. Furthermore, we run the risk of making No T OT having an opposite effect on the crowd. In psychology, it’s called “negative reinforcement”. The more times we see NO T OT end in failure, the less excited we get about it and the less excited the fans get. It’s apparent even now. Last year NO T OT was a novelty, a cool idea, a unique thing that we alone did. But over time, there were fewer people who readily did it. By this year, there were sections of the DogHouse where only a few people did it.

To summarize: while No T OT is a fun, unique concept, it’s gotten us nothing but misery, and is having a lessening effect on the student body. It’s time to move on, and find a newer, fresh idea that we can use.


About kingcullen

I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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6 Responses to No T OT Needs To Go

  1. Key point: No-T OT is a fun, unique concept.

    Your next point, that it’s “gotten us nothing but misery” is contradicted by what you said earlier, that you don’t think it in “anyway affects the game”.

    So if it’s a fun, unique concept, and it doesn’t affect the game, who cares? Let it be and let’s have fun with it. Who cares if it has a bad record? If it’s not affecting the games, why would a new tradition (that probably wouldn’t rhyme as well) be any different?

    • kingcullen says:

      Concept is different than execution. It’s a fun idea in theory, but in practice, it’s really been around when we lose or settle with a tie, which goes to your second point about having fun with it. I can’t really have fun with it when every time we do it we don’t get the result we want.

      You’re free to do what you like, this is just saying that I no longer think it’s a fun concept we should keep doing until some future time when it’s vindicated with a win.

      • Drew says:

        the beanpot is a fun idea in theory, but every year it ends in sadness and heartbreak for us. but its fun and people have a good time before that happens so everyone keeps going. even though it hasnt been “vindicated” with a win.

      • kingcullen says:

        That’s a fair counterpoint, though I would argue a tournament that’s been going on for decades is different than a chant we started last year. I’d also be willing to bet that people don’t go to the Beanpot anymore because they don’t want to see us lose. The Beanpot loses a bit of it’s fun when you go into it assuming we’re going to lose. Even the other teams in the Beanpot have recognized the game has lost a bit of its luster because the same two teams have been winning for 17 years.


  3. Josh says:

    Completely agree. Sure it has no affect on the outcome, but its really become a sign of impending doom. People may find it fun, sure, but its really lost its chance to represent anything substantial. Right now its just symbol of our constant OT struggles. The initial goal of No T OT was to brand it as our own unique way to cheer our team on to a sudden death victory, but the time for us to leave our mark as the shirtless kings of overtime has passed. The negative association has tarnished its image.

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