Weekend Reaction: Increasingly Frustrated

The title says it all. Northeastern has played 6  league games, more than anyone else. We have fewer games to make up our bad start, fewer chances to correct our mistakes. his poor start is what hurt us last year, and the year before that. By the time we adjust and get hot, the regular season is more than half over, teams are already locked into positions, and it becomes harder for us to make headway moving up in the standings.

This wouldn’t be as frustrating to watch if I felt we had a bad team, or a team with a thin pool of talent. I don’t think that, in fact I think we have one of the deepest, most talented teams in the league. The problem is we’re not playing like that. Our defense is giving up too many shots, and can’t clear the zone time and time again, and we’re suffering as a result. The offense is somewhat better but they really need to get a rhythm going.

Now, granted, we’ve faced some hard opposition so far. BC and Merrimack will be likely home ice teams this year and fill likely be making the NCAA tournament come spring. Maine is a more middle of the pack team but still has a lot of talent, and UNH, despite it’s poor start, is likely to really get started. UMass, though, was a team that shouldn’t have caused problems, shouldn’t have forced to tie it in the waning seconds of the game. Again, this would be less frustrating if we gave a good fight. For UNH, parts of UMass, and most of BC we fought hard. The problem is, other than the first UNH game, we haven’t been consistent. Our team will play sluggish and unaggressive, and by the time they do anything we’re already down by multiple goals.

This team really needs to pull it together for next weekend, because it’s not getting any easier. They face Merrimack, one of the 2 last undefeated teams in the nation for a pair of games, and then BC and UMass the weekend after that. If they can’t start playing a consistent, solid game for all 3 periods, can’t step up defensively and create sustained offensive pressure, then it’s going to be a long, cold, winter.


About kingcullen

I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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